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Searching language tandem

I am searching for a partner to learn danish with- and could help with German 

I am an exchange student at AU and new in Denmark. I don’t speak danish yet, but am really motivated to learn and would like to get to know danish culture  :) because I am a german native speaker, I could offer help with the german language in return. Would you like to meet on a regular basis, drink coffee and discuss language and culture(s), politics and other interesting topics while practicing to speak german? And would help me with my danish? Then I would be happy to hear from you...



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Hi Lisanne, I have written a message to you :-)

8 måneder siden

Ellen AndersenI saw it and answered:) did you get it?

7 måneder siden

Hallo! How old are you? We could meet over a cup of coffee, i would like to learn german, and i would love to help you out XD

7 måneder siden

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