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Looking to make new friends!


I'm new to the city and will be living here for a few years so I'm looking to expand my network and make new friends — both locals and internationals. We can go for drinks, food, have chats and explore the city together! If you are looking for someone similar, send me a message!


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Hi Emily,

I'm not new in the city, but have a foreign background.

I have lived here in the city, Aarhus, since 1985.

I am educated electronics technician, but currently unemployed.

I am a single 56 year old youthful man and live in the city.

It sounds interesting and practical to look for someone to expand your network and find new friends - both local and international. I can be part of the project, then we can go for drinks, food, have chats and explore the city together, and more.

Feel free to write back.


7 måneder siden

Hi Emily :)

I'd be very happy to join you in exploring the city, meeting for drinks, having a chat, or anything you'd like. I'm Danish and have been living in the city (well, just north of it, in Risskov) for a few years. I don't know the city too well though (and have a completely awful sense of directions in general), so, if nothing else, I could accompany you as you get lost in the city :)

7 måneder siden

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